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Safety Policy Statement

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It is the policy of Lesma Engineering limited to meet its safety its safety and health responsibilities and to continuously strive to maintain safe working environment at each location where work activities are occurring goal of the safety and health process is the prevention of accidents and injuries,the preservation of equipments and capital and the achievement of safe working order to accomplish these is the company,s policy to:-

  1. Avoid accidents that result in injury to employees,interruption of production or damage to equipment or property.
  2. Take all action necessary in engineering,planning,designing,assigning,supervising and performing work operations that establish and maintain safe and healthy working environment.

Lesma engineering procedures and directives are designed to be an integral part of development of site sensitive safety is the responsibility of each manager and supervisor to effectively implement these process. These safety procedures shall be considered as minimum guidelines.there will be times when the requirements can and should be provides employees with the authority to carry out the assigned task and hold the employee accountable for successfully completing the task.
Employees shall be expected to perform their jobs as they were trained and according to established law,company rules, shall not tolerate employees who are unwilling to conform to policies and procedures established by the company and or regulations set forth by various governmental entities.


It is the responsibility of lesma engineering limited to ensure where reasonably practicable the safety of our employees,customers visitors at our work places and the public who may be affected by our construction/production activities. Every employee regard less of position or title has an individual responsibility to be uncompromising with regard to safety risk management will be incorporated as an integral part of our business initiatives and operations, ensuring that hazards are identified,assessed,controlled and monitored.


  1. Prevent injury and illness through safe systems of work for will employees subcontractors and visitors.
  2. Abide by all statutory and regulatory obligations and pursue best practice applications beyond these requirements.
  3. Provide the necessary safety training for all staff carry out their jobs.
  4. Consult with staff to identify and control risks.
  5. Maintain plant and equipment in a safe operating condition.
  6. Set and monitor safety improvement objectives and targets,
  7. Provide effective and efficient return to work management.
  8. Regular review this policy to ensure it continuous to reflect legislative requirements and organizational needs for continuous improvement.

Managers and supervisors

  1. Comply with Lesma Engineering policies and procedures and ensure employees work in safe manner.
  2. Risk assess each activity before commencing to minimize and control risks. -ensure employees have appropriate person protective equipment.
  3. Participate in the review and improvement of workplace safety.
  4. Report any incidents and implement appropriate initial response.
  5. Communicate clearly to staff all workplace safety objectives. 

All employees are expected to:

  1. Abide by all relevant laws and regulations.
  2. Comply with Lesma Engineering policies and procedures and ensure a workplace free fro the influence of non prescribed drugs and alcohol.
  3. Participate in workplace risk assessment through consultation.
  4. Not undertake work that is considered unsafe.
  5. Report all incidents to the supervisor.
  6. Wear all appropriate safety gear.

Staff development policy

As a policy we expect that our staff will endeavor to improve their skills and it is the company,s responsibility to facilitate such. We will freely and willingly facilitate staff to attend seminars and training that are conducted in the industry to enable them to be equipped with necessary skills that will enhance quality and productivity.
However it’s the duty of management to hire experienced employees and we would advise the company to do on job training.

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